How yoga is helpful for eating and body issues

Eating and body issues often work to create disconnection from our body, while yoga helps to encourage body awareness and connection in a nurturing way. Through the practice of yoga we are able to become more of aware of our bodies from a place of respect, acceptance, and love.

Yoga encourages us to have a more compassionate and kind relationship with our bodies, and the introspective elements of yoga have proven to be so powerful. Through yoga and meditation practice we become more able to tune in to sensations in our body and move in unison with our breath. Experiencing self-love comes from rediscovering this feeling of being ‘at home’ in our body.

Yoga combined with breath awareness and mindfulness can also help us learn how to regulate and calm difficult emotions, rather than repress them through destructive behaviours and thoughts common with an eating and body issues. From regulating negative thoughts, emotions, and actions, we are able to rediscover a sense of joy, love and peace in our body and in our life.

Practicing yoga gives us the opportunity to take our attention off of the difficulties surrounding us, and allows us to only think of each movement and each moment on our mat. We are able to develop a confidence in ourselves and feel empowered. We feel grateful. We feel love. We feel inspired. We feel free.