YOGA E-Video Package

Our yoga e-video package is a perfect introduction to anyone who is interested in learning more about applying yoga to improve body love. Comprising of five videos teaching five distinctive types of yoga, each practice moves with intention to more deeply connect with our bodies and minds, and helps us to manage destructive thoughts and behaviours. Videos are emailed weekly and include basic poses, yoga flow sequences, yoga nidra & yin yoga. Once received, you can view and practice from these videos as many times as you like.

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individual E-Yoga Classes

Our individual yoga classes are fully customised to help you establish a better relationship wtih your body. They are delivered online via Skype and are scheduled using an online diary. This means that you can learn yoga from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes and at all stages of recovery.

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Lauren is a prolific blogger who addresses all things yoga and recovery. Subscribe to her blog to learn about mind and body awareness, self-compassion, self-love, presence, breath, mindfulness, movement, meditation and balance- just to name a few!

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