Lauren Hurst

fullsizerender-56Lauren is the yoga instructor & blogger for Love Body Yoga.

Lauren has a genuine interest in eating disorders and inspiring others to love their bodies from the inside out. She believes that yoga can help mend the profound disconnection from one’s body, believing this level of awareness can become life changing. When we are aware of our destructive motivations or intentions, we are better able to shift them into a more positive space through our practice. Whilst Lauren recognises that this is not always easy to do, she believes yoga is a catalyst to becoming better able to appreciate your body for what it can do each time you ‘hit the mat.’ Lauren’s interest in pursuing yoga teaching developed early in her first year of university, and eventually became transformative in how she connected with her own body and mind.

Lauren has been recognized by friends and colleagues for having a caring, empathetic personality, and is described as a positive and outgoing person. She approaches her yoga teaching with a sense of fun and light-heartedness, and hopes to empower and inspire others to create a stronger connection to their minds and to their bodies through the practice of yoga.

Lauren completed her yoga teacher training with Baron Baptiste in New York in 2013 & she completed a second training with Zuna Yoga in Cambodia in December 2015. She also holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and a Masters of Social Work all with honours, and all obtained in Ontario, Canada. Lauren was living in Sydney where she founded Love Body Yoga & is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She is looking forward to this wonderful opportunity to teach accessible online yoga, write meaningful blogs, and chat and connect on the forum with you!

Lauren’s Story

fullsizerender-64Lauren can relate all too well to the experience of having an eating disorder and severely disliking her physical body. She struggled with anorexia nervosa when she was eleven years old and spent three years in the hospital. She was dangerously underweight and yet terrified of looking ‘fat.’ She viewed her body as imperfect, and this feeling of not being good enough took a toll on her sense of self-worth and self-love. She became completely disconnected from her body and overwhelmed by her thoughts, leading to feeling hopeless and lost for such a long time. While still struggling through her eating disorder recovery, she was introduced to her first yoga class. From the beginning she was hooked, allowing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practice to completely sink in. She felt so much vulnerability and fear diving into it all, but the openings she has and continues to experience have been life changing.

Lauren believes that yoga has saved her life in so many ways. Disordered eating and thoughts of being ‘fat’, worthless or not good enough are destructive, and for Lauren yoga has played a meaningful role in reviving her love for her body and herself just as she is. She has learned and grown so much through struggles and suffering, to joys and successes. Lauren knows yoga has helped her reach full recovery, discover who she is, and to manifest her biggest and scariest dreams, goals and visions.

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